The Auto Capital of the World 

Auto Manufacturers with Research and Development Facilities

In the globalized world, no matter the language, Michigan translates to one word – automobiles. With a highly skilled workforce, cutting-edge research and development facilities and top-notch institutions of higher education and the most dense automotive supply chain in the world, Michigan is the global automotive headquarters.

In 2017,


    •    17 OEMs call Michigan Home.

    •    11 assembly plants build 23 models.

    •    60 of the top 100 auto suppliers to North America who have headquarter operations and an additional 32 suppliers who have a major presence.

    •    Nearly 180,000 Michiganders worked for motor vehicle, motor vehicle body and motor vehicle parts manufacturing companies

    •    Michigan companies employ more than 71,000 industrial, mechanical, electrical and materials engineers

    •    Michigan has 1,415 tool and die establishments in the state which employ more than 36,000 workers

    •    Michigan companies exported more than $29.9 billion in transportation equipment across the globe.

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