Administration Building:


  • Main Lobby Entrance

  • A Food Court and a 100-seat auditorium and Learning Center on the second floor

  •  Designed for mixed-use tenants

  •  Multiple truck docks and drive-in doors

  •  Parking for four cars per 1,000 square feet

  •  Site has capacity to support multiple tenants.

  •  High-end interior finishes

  • Custom Millwork

  • Employee Fitness Center

  • Meeting Rooms

The Facilities Operations are unique in that its managed by Specialized Professionals, whose main aim is to increase the wealth of the community by promoting a culture of innovation and competitiveness of our associated businesses; ensure innovation stays at the forefront of Michigan clean energy industry and establish a new manufacturing hub in Detroit. 


Shoemaker Industrial Park (SIP) is designed to accommodate flexible industrial production capacities within a simple and efficient road network. Development of the Site is guided by a set of Development and Design Guidelines to ensure that there is a level of cohesiveness in the overall building designs with special emphasis on the utilization of Development Principals that limits noise, vibration, odor and environmental contamination.  


Office uses such as corporate uses ancillary to industrial operations are envisioned to occupy portions of the Facilities. Industrial uses are envisioned to include manufacturing, assembly, warehouse, research and development. Industrial developments will illuminate a clean appearance with service and manufacturing activities being conducted indoors and/or in screened outdoor areas. 

 Manufacturing Space Available    

100,000 square feet of Flexible Manufacturing Area is available and consists of up to 50,000 square feet in a single space with additional floor space increments 10,000 to 20,000 square feet.

50,000 square feet of Research Laboratory Area is available and consists of 2,000 to 20,000 square feet increments.


    •    Area contains research laboratories, administrative offices, and pilot plant areas for product testing capabilities that are attractive to researchers and manufactures; 

    Research Space Available 
 Warehouse and Storage Capacity    

50,000 square feet logistics, supply chain, and warehouse system. 

    •    Material Handling and Distribution System is designed to be flexible and robust enough to respond to reasonable levels of uncertainty and changes in the sequence of manufacturing events.

Accommodated within the Site Boundary include the following:


    •    electricity and chilled water system

    •    gas, telephone and cable television

    •    high speed fiber optics network allows a mix of 10G,              40G, and 100G  speed/line

    •    sanitary sewer

    •    natural gas and steam

    •    compressed air system

    Utilities Corridors 
 High Speed Fiber Optics Network    
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High performance computing (HPC) offer an extraordinary opportunity for SIP Tenants to design products faster, minimize the time to create and test prototypes, streamline production processes, lower the cost of innovation and develop high- value innovations that would otherwise be impossible. The High Speed Fiber Optics Network allows Operators to configure a mix of 10G, 40G, and 100G speed/line.


The high-speed broadband data network connects all site facilities within the Campus to national laboratories and researchers worldwide to engage in collaborative research activities. Allow manufacturers and researchers engaging in world-class technology the ability to transport large data sets without the constraint of a firewall or additional traffic.


  • Scalable, phenomenal capacity and always-on dependability. 

  • Flexible, multi-tenant platform that facilitates centralized management of corporate networks for multiple clients at the same time. 

  • Maintain complete visibility and control over the Services.

  • Virtual and physical testing; validation of automated and connected vehicles. 

  • Simulation and analysis of scenarios that produces realistic raw sensor data for various driving and traffic conditions.               



The network infrastructure and supporting systems represent the very best-in-class in terms of capacity, performance and operational reliability that allow Tenants and Users gain a distinct strategic advantage, increase productivity and drive global competitiveness. 


    •    Lean manufacturing favors outsourcing and long-term relationships with suppliers. 

    •    Capacity to build new capabilities. 

    •    Do certain things better than competitors.