Shoemaker Industrial Park (SIP) is designed to accommodate flexible industrial production capacities within a simple and efficient  highway network. Development of the Site is guided by a set of Design Guidelines to ensure that there is a level of cohesiveness in the facilities with special emphasis on the utilization of engineering principals that limits noise, vibration, odor and environmental contamination. 


The Facilities Operations are unique in that its managed by Specialized Professionals, whose main aim is to increase the wealth of the community by promoting a culture of innovation and competitiveness of our associated businesses; ensure innovation stays at the forefront of Michigan clean energy industry and establish a new manufacturing hub in Detroit.


Office uses such as corporate uses ancillary to industrial operations are envisioned to occupy portions of the Facilities. Industrial uses are envisioned to include manufacturing, assembly, warehouse, research and development. Industrial developments will illuminate a clean appearance with service and manufacturing activities being conducted indoors and/or in screened outdoor areas.  



Square Footage: 350,000 square feet, 6 buildings


Trailer Parking: 20+ trailer spaces (Expandable)

Rail: CSX and Norfolk rail to the site

Power: Heavy power on-site sub station

Sprinkler: Wet system

Security: Guard station with fenced perimeter

Office: 30,000 square feet with on-site cafeteria

Employee Parking: 200+ vehicles

Access: Immediate access to I-94, I-75. I-98

Convenient MSA's: Cleveland, Fort Wayne, Lansing, London, Ontario



Electric Supplier    DTE Energy

Natural Gas Supplies    DTE Energy

Water Supplier        Great Lakes Water Authority

Sewer Supplier        Great Lakes Water Authority


High performance computing (HPC) offer an extraordinary opportunity for SIP Tenants to design products faster, minimize the time to create and test prototypes, streamline production processes, lower the cost of innovation and develop high- value innovations that would otherwise be impossible. The High Speed Fiber Optics Network allows Operators to configure a mix of 10G, 40G, and 100G speed/line. 


High-Speed Fiber Optics capabilities have a dramatic economic influence in upon our manufacturing and research functions. This capability is essential for our research tenants to move vast amounts of research data between researchers worldwide and to engage in collaborative research activities with peer institutions and national laboratories.